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How to get referrals automatically

Percentage of profit from partners.

This article will focus on where to get referrals to Globus company and how to invite them. I'll write right away that I'm not special in These things are just a beginner and I do not eat to impose this method on you, but I will share my experience.

I decided to write this article because many referrals invited by me ask how to recruit their team in Globe? In order not to explain every time by correspondence, e-mail decided to write this article, then I will refer to it if the site visitor will not read it. I think everyone can repeat it if I could do it, and you can. Why did I write like this because I have lived and worked all my life in the village, and I am already more than forty years old without even having the necessary education created my site. So do not judge me strictly for this article as I can, and I write.

The first problem I encountered after registering with Globus, and copying your referral link - placement her on the social network. I was not allowed to post an article or a picture with a referral link on my social page, one word spam does not meet some requirements, you probably also encountered the same. Maybe I am I did something wrong in this, I'm not strong, the pages were created with the expectation to type my team. In my opinion now social networks do not give that result, one might say it does not work.

Then I downloaded a video from the Globus YouTube channel, which allows you to use videos to attract partners to your command. I created my own channel, uploaded suitable videos to attract referrals, and placed my own under the video in the description referral links. The same videos were posted on social media pages with a description that the registration link is in the description under the video on the YouTube channel. This is how you can recruit partners to your team. But even this method did not bring me the desired result.

There are many ways to attract referrals - leave comments under different videos or articles, etc., I will not to list all this you can find on the net. At the moment I was only interested in passive, not active income for all this must have time.

Лучший способ набрать рефералов (команду)

Процентное соотношение прибыли от партнёров.

After reviewing and reading some of the recommendations on the network, I came to the conclusion that you need to have your own affiliate site. Now many online builders to create your site. For example, HOSTIQ, flexbe, Hyper Host and many others, the choice is yours. But I went the other way, decided to create the site myself. In my free time I watched the lessons on creating site on YouTube, and after visiting several sites, repeating all the actions in practice, I slowly created it. Maybe I wrote the code crookedly, but it works and brings me results. If you check the code for errors through, no no mistakes. There is even additional income from advertising from my site through Google AdSense, which pays me per the transition of visitors to the advertised resource. Here I did not bother at all, I registered, added my site, after consideration, they approved it for advertising. After that, I selected automatic ad impressions. added one line of code for each page, after a while an advertisement from Google Adsense appeared on the site. Here you and also passive income from your site.

After that, I was able to post on social networks all articles, videos, pictures with a link to my site, and through the site I I recruited referrals to the team, my posts were not blocked anymore. True, I spent four months on all this, but it worth it. I want to warn you right away on free hosting and domains you will be blocked on social networks. Yes guys need to fork out a little bit if you want to have some kind of result. Don't get discouraged all over time will pay off, only cheese in a mousetrap is free.

This method is suitable for any affiliate program. If you don't want to understand the code for creating a website yourself, then use the constructors mentioned in the article above. They now offer many services that you cannot will go through to deal with thus saving your time and nerves. And additionally, create your own YouTube channel where you will be able to post your videos, and under them referral links, you will double your passive income. So guys dare, spend a little time, and all this will pay off handsomely.

I also want to give a little advice, if you decide to create your own site, fill it with unique articles, do not copy strangers it will lead you to unpleasant consequences for copyright infringement. He himself has repeatedly filed a complaint for the fact that they copied my articles from the site and posted them on theirs. Respect other people's work, the person also wastes his time or facilities. You cannot write an article yourself, refer to services such as: KWORK etc. Good luck to you!