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The most effective advertising

100% guaranteed advertising contact with the target audience

You know which advertisement is the most effective? Modern saturation of advertising led to the fact that people avoid it and do not perceive it. This leads to a waste of advertising budgets, Globus company solved this problem.

Today, people spend hours watching the screens of smartphones, computers, and other smart devices, and we took these displays for rent. Bright and rich graphics on the entire screen is guaranteed to attract the attention of anyone person Therefore, this approach provides a 100 percent guarantee of advertising contact.

Clear budget control and instant results, and most importantly, the audience’s response is visible, which allows analyze and plan the development of your business. Having received an interesting offer, people will share it withfriends in social networks by increasing coverage audience.

In addition, the creation of an advertising company does not require significant effort. Target audience select the country, city, gender, age and device of the advertising recipients, and also use advanced filters.

The most effective advertising is the one that the person wants to see, and we have successfully coped with this task.

Each advertiser can also save on his budget by inviting his colleague of the advertiser through his referral link, you will receive 10 percent of your partner’s advertising company's payment on your balance, and so every time he remains assigned to you.

How to make an advertising campaign in the Globus


After registration and authorization go to the advertising menu, then the company menu click on the plus sign to create an advertising campaign.

At the very beginning you need to specify the name of the advertising company, then upload your advertising banners, if you don’t have them, go to the information menu, click on the designers menu here you can order the design of your advertising banners from professionals. Note that when a horizontal image is loaded, the vertical image is automatically loaded and flipped over ninety degrees this is done for your convenience since, not everyone has vertical banners. But it is still better to use separate banners horizontal and vertical mode is more efficient.

Next you need to specify your contact details, your website, a link to YouTube video, links to your social networks, Skype, e-mail or your phone number. Please note that you cannot save the advertising company, if not specified at least one of the contacts.

Next, check the default additional information if you are not happy with this offer. You can change it manually for this, click on the appropriate button and specify additional information separately.

Now you need to specify your target audience, specify the age of the user viewing advertising content, select the number of advertising contacts with one user and the interval between advertising contacts. You can choose the recipient device of your advertising company, i.e. computer and laptop, Android - smartphone and tablet or smartphones and tablets on the operating room iOS system. You can also choose the gender of the recipient of the advertising company ie, male or female. You can also choose the territory of both the country and the city, after all specify click save button.

Now specify the maximum price for advertising contact with the user. How the auction works distribution of advertising content about this you will learn at the end of this video, after creating an advertising companies or webinar entries that are below.

Webinar for advertisers


In fact, a huge part of the finances of all advertisers is collected in three players, i.e. this TV, radio and outdoor advertising. Here are the three main areas for advertising, but they are already receding into the background. Today, globally innovative companies such as advertising company Globus.

Let's compare the cost of advertising on television, radio or the same billboards with advertising company Globus. The cost of advertising in the company Globus at least 1 dollar per 1000 advertising shows, and advertising in the company Globus is one hundred percent that they see it. Take for example television, television advertising, the end consumer may not even view, although the advertiser paid for it a lot of money, the minimum price in the aisle 1000 dollars for 30 - 40 seconds of airtime, you can even say that the money went to the wind. Why? Because 90 - 99 percent of viewers switch to another under the hour of advertising channel either go and go about their business. Even take on the same radio, but advertising comes to the end user, but not everyone pays attention to it.

Now consider the advertising company Globus, take for example the same smartphone. Let's say a company sent your advertising content to a smartphone to the end user, even if the end user I didn’t immediately look at your advertisement, he will view it 100 percent because when they call him he will answer the call directly. After the conversation, he will immediately review your advertising. The content will have nowhere to go, because your advertising will be distributed to the full screen. Now he needs to do something with the advertisement he, having familiarized himself with this offer of advertising content, interested in the proposal, he will go to this resource if not close. Especially, Globus company pays for renting the screens of their gadgets on which they advertise.

Now let's take a quick look at how an auction works to distribute content. Let's say there is an advertiser Vitali he paid 1 dollar for 1000 views, and his advertising began to be heard, but he came advertiser Victor he paid $ 5 for 1000 views, and then the system began to work auction. Although Vitaly came earlier, Viktor’s advertisement will be distributed first, this does not mean that advertising for Victor will cost $ 5 for 1000 views, it will cost him $ 2 per 1000 views because the auction system is one step ahead. Even if Vitaly price hangs 2 dollars for 1000 views, and here again Victor wins because, for Victor it already costs $ 3 per 1000 views. It works very well when you need it very quickly. promote some product or even for example, sell hot tours to different countries. More all understands webinar entries.

Webinar Benefits for Advertisers - Comparison


This webinar entry will talk about the ad Globus companies, why is she so important and why will advertisers go to the Globus advertising company or the like sooner or later? her. While such a company is one like Globus and in the future it is assumed that advertisers will switch to such companies from television, radio, billboards, websites, etc.

It will be proved what advantages and benefits you will have by placing your advertising content in such an advertising company as Globus. Compare existing advertising with advertising Globus, in such criteria as cost, feed rate, targeting, scale, CTR, analysis plus reporting, archive and contact with advertising. You yourself will appreciate on which advertising platform You'd better post your ad.