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How it works

Процентное соотношение прибыли от партнёров.

To build your passive income in the company Globus you need to recruit an active team of partners, because alone you will not earn. Mostly lonely and complain that pay little per view advertising or little advertising comes, after that leave various negative reviews.

Let's take a look at the detailed reasons why some earn an average of $ 500 per month, while others earn $ 1.

For example, there is an advertiser Jura and he has his own business in some city, he created advertising company in the Globus to attract customers, and in the settings set to view its advertising only in the city where his business is, and you do not live in this city. What do you think such advertising will be distributed to your gadgets, but of course not, because there is no income. Now let's say that You invited a partner from your city to your team and this advertisement comes to him, naturally he earns on advertising views at the same time and you will receive a commission on his earnings, as it is assigned to you in the affiliate program. And also, if he invited a team to soy partners from his city from whom he earns more, naturally and you will be more earn and so up to level 7 from his partners.

The same situation, when the advertiser set in the settings so that his advertisement is shown only for women or men, in which country or in which city. That's the whole reason why some get more advertising and earn, while others do not.

Prevent yourself how many small towns and villages, there is generally advertising for them is distributed only on various sites who offer through advertising different products, who news, etc. They are even smaller receive advertisements than in large cities and do not lose heart, build an active team for themselves and are excellent earn.

You can also earn money by inviting an advertiser through your referral link, after paying account of the advertising company you will be deducted 10 percent of your balance from its amount of replenishment, and so every time, because he, too, will be assigned to you.

Now let's summarize to get a good passive income. You need to recruit active partners from different countries, cities and also female and male, then you will have a good real passive income.

What you need to start working in the Globus


Immediately after registration, I strongly recommend that you study our rules and the menu of frequently asked questions as In the future, you have to work with your future partners, they can ask questions naturally they need to know the answers.

Next, fill in your data menu, this will allow you to get more and more expensive ads ie. advertising which is specified in the settings by the advertiser only for men or women is distributed with increased valuable, but it is not distributed to users who have not filled in the data. The same situation with age those. to get the content to the maximum must fill in the data.

Then go to the download menu, download the desired program for your device, how to install Globus application can be read or watch the video below. After starting the program, enter your the data that you entered during registration, then you will receive advertising (do not worry it not SPAM and not a virus!) for viewing which you will receive a commission.

Ask yourself the question: How much did you get paid to view the advertisement? Suppose when watching TV, sites, even on smartphones, I will say nothing, and the Globus company will pay you a commission for advertising content views. It will take a minimum of time. You have viewed the advertising content if you If you are interested in this offer, you can follow the link. If there is no closed advertising, you decide that to do, and all your honestly earned already on the balance of your account.

How to install the program Globus on Windows


To install the program you need to go to the Globus website to log in, then go to boot menu, select the program for Windows 7, 8, 10 or more newer, click the install button and specify the path where to save the installation file. Then double click on the downloaded file. the installation process will start, click the install button to start the download process immediately required files.

After the program is installed on your desktop, the Globus shortcut appears, the program should automatically start if this does not happen, just click on the shortcut.

Next, you need to log in to the program, this is the same account that during registration, no need to create additional accounts. Enter your e-mail or login that you specified in menu your data, click the enter button. Once logged in the program you can track your balance, as well as view the latest company news. In order to the program did not interfere with click on the close button (not the exit button of the program!) it will be minimized.

How to install the application on Android


We will install the application on your smartphone or tablet on the Android operating system. And so, for You can use one of two methods to install the application on your smartphone or tablet. The first the way is to go to the Play Market, enter the Globe phrase into the search no matter what language the application will be Look, click install. The second option using the site, go to the site Globus, go to the boot menu, select the appropriate program for Android, click the install button now, site directly throws in the same Play Market, perform the same actions.

After installation, click on the Globus shortcut, the application will offer you to log in, enter your e-mail or login and your password that you specified during registration.

In the application interface you have access to the settings menu, you can turn on the vibration, select a melody, which will be included when new advertising content appears, switch on tablet mode then advertising content will come in a horizontal mode. Do not forget to include geo-advertising, then will get more expensive interesting ads. And finally, the choice of the required language is English, Ukrainian or Russian.

To start building your team and increase your earnings in the company Globus, go to the menu command, press the button to invite a friend, the application will offer you to send an invitation using social network or the same applications that are installed on your smartphone or tablet.

In this app you can track your current balance in the finance menu in order to update your balance click on the amount.

When a new advertising content appears in your application, you will receive a sound notification, the inscription is a new advertisement. Click on the label, after opening the advertising content you need either go to the advertised resource, or close what to do with your advertising content, choose only you, the money will be counted in any case.

Install the Globus on an iOS iPhone / iPad device.

Install Globus on an iOS device iPhone / iPad.

Install Globus on iOS device. Go to the site Globus, go to the boot menu, click to install. After installation, click on the Globus shortcut, then the message is unreliable cooperative developer, click cancel.

Then we enable the work of the Globus, go to the settings of your device, basic, management device and select “Globus Intercom Tov”, click on to trust “Globus Intercom Tov”, then A message appears click to trust, now there is access to the device. Launch the Globus, click by the label, a message will appear, we click to allow then once more to allow. Thereafter enter your data that you entered when registering with Globus, after logging into your account you will receive advertising content.

How to get lifetime passive income


In this webinar there will be very interesting information on passive income in general, we will analyze how the Globus can help you in drawing up the future of your passive income.

You can share the link to this webinar with your relatives, friends, who in the future will be your partners. They will learn how everything works and where does the money for advertising placement come from content on monitors, for viewing which they will receive a commission.

How is the structure of additional passive income, from which you will earn more, more and more with the help of Globus, inviting partners to your team.

How to build a network of earning without investments, you will learn all this directly from this webinar, I recommend to watch until the end.

Partner Invitation Methods for Passive Income


Very interesting and informative webinar on the topic of where to get partners to build additional passive income. You do not put on how much one active person is important invited by you to your team, and how much you will earn more.

When does the partner whom you have requested to your team contact you for help and ask what methods you use, be sure to tell and teach it to your advantage. Because you you will receive commissions from his income up to the seventh level, and in turn he will train his partners methods that he knows and that you have taught him.

Watch this webinar to the end, and you will learn a lot about how to get yourself a team of partners, such methods as webinar, lists, social networks and how to use them actively and passively, video and banner advertising. Done once you work will bring you partners on the machine.

How to answer the questions of your partners


Webinar on the objection of your partners or future partners. It understands in detail how to engage in dialogue with partners so that they work on your team. You will learn a lot how to convince man in the fact that the company Globus can really earn additional passive income.

Here are questions in a live chat that they encounter when communicating with future ones. partners, or are already working with.

Such questions will be dealt with: it’s a scam, I don’t know how to invite partners, they pay little, how many you earn it, it's a virus, and I need it, is it SPAM, does the battery go fast, lose my time, the ads infuriate, offer their earnings, who created the company Globus, etc.

What not to do


Before you build a serious business in the company Globus you are obliged to learn the rules. User agreement consists of five basic rules. The first is the general position the second is the right of the company, the third is the rights of users, the fourth is that the user is obliged and the fifth is that the user is prohibited.

In the basic rules of the company, the user must be an adult. Required to provide true information about yourself including gender, date of birth, first name and surname. Also you are required to train and help your partners, for what it is done, if your partner turns to technical support complaining to your sponsor that you are not helping him or teaching him, the company has the right to send it to the sponsor above, only at his request. Therefore, in order not to lose your partners keep in touch with them.

Also in the company it is forbidden to have more than one account, but if you live in a dormitory or you in the family, someone wants to build a business in the company Globus, it is allowed to have up to 5 accounts on one IP address. Detailed you can learn the rules on the site Globus, especially stop on the fifth paragraph in which it is reported that the user is prohibited.